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    Savvy Staging: Tips for Success & Pitfalls to Avoid

    By Curt Swilley | March 3, 2021

    Staging a home doesn’t have to be a Hollywood production; in fact, simple touches in a clean, bright setting can make a big impact on buyers. There are also tactics to avoid that distract buyers and dissuade them from considering the home. Here are our savvy staging tips to help you show your home at... Read More

    How to Plan for Your Move

    By Curt Swilley | February 3, 2021

    Moving households isn’t only about boxing clothes and dishes; it’s about packing up a life in one home and starting over in the new one. Even if you have months to carefully plan your move, it’s a challenge to remember everything that needs to be done. Here’s a checklist to make the transition a little... Read More

    Documents You’ll Need to Apply for a Mortgage

    By Curt Swilley | January 6, 2021

    Preparing to apply for a mortgage can make a buyer feel raked over the coals because of all the personal information a lender asks for—marital status, Social Security number, employment history, financial records. There’s so much data and paperwork required that the task of gathering it all can seem overwhelming. This checklist will help you... Read More

    Top Questions to Ask a Mortgage Lender

    By Curt Swilley | December 2, 2020

    When buying a home, selecting a mortgage lender is a big decision. Many home shoppers opt to use a lender that’s recommended by their real estate agent, but that doesn’t guarantee you’ll get the best rate, or that the lender will have experience in loans for your unique scenario. If you want to find the... Read More

    Selling Your Home: A Legal Checklist

    By Curt Swilley | November 4, 2020

    Selling a home might be the most complex transaction you undertake, so it’s crucial to address any legal issues before they become obstacles. No matter why you are selling your home, you can prepare for a smooth sale and this helpful checklist will help you avoid unexpected issues along the way. The overwhelming majority of... Read More

    18 Ways to Prepare Your Home for Selling

    By Curt Swilley | October 7, 2020

    Taking the time to properly prepare your home for selling might make the difference between catching the attention of the right buyer and languishing on the market, unsold. Making your home clean, inviting and organized might seem labor intensive, but these details rarely escape a buyer’s critical eye. Clean & Organize 1. Scrub every nook... Read More

    10 Things You Should Ignore While House Hunting

    By Curt Swilley | September 2, 2020

    When you are viewing homes to purchase, some features might be unattractive or outdated, but they’re not necessarily deal-breakers. This list will help you understand what to ignore while house hunting so that you can better determine if the home is a viable candidate or one to pass on. A home’s age: Quality materials, classic... Read More

    How to Choose the Right Paint Finish

    By Curt Swilley | August 5, 2020

    It can be intimidating to stand in front of the paint swatches at the paint or hardware store and try to make a decision. Picking a color can be difficult enough—and then you have to choose the finish. Choosing the color is up to you, but here’s a simple guide to choosing the correct finish... Read More

    The Top Benefits of Investing in Rental Property

    By Curt Swilley | July 1, 2020

    Investing in real estate can be a great alternative to traditional investments and many owners choose to rent out their property. Here are some of the top benefits for getting into this line of business! Increase over time. Money being put towards real estate investments has increased substantially over the past few years. This is due... Read More

    5 Tips for a Great Backyard

    By Curt Swilley | June 3, 2020

    Summer is here, so entertaining has made the move from the living room to the backyard. It’s the season for barbecues and campouts. Here are five ways to make sure your backyard is everyone’s favorite. 1. Make sure there’s a place to cook! The way to your guests’ hearts is through their stomachs. You could... Read More