Get the Most Out of Selling

    These day sellers are a little uneasy and hesitant when it comes to listing their home. The prevailing prejudice is that you will surely take a hit. However, that is simply not the case. Having a sales strategy combined with a good purchase of your new property can make certain you get the most bang for your buck!

    4 Steps to Successful Sales Strategy

    1. Seek Expert Advice

    A local real estate sales person can help you make sure that your home is properly staged and priced realistically within your market, two key factors you can control. When selling there are always 3 things that sell a house price, condition and location, you can’t control location but you can overcome price and condition. How you price will always be most important because condition can be overlooked if the price is right, but price can’t be overlooked for condition.

    2. Don’t Hesitate

    In real estate time is money and in today’s real estate world, your best offer is the one you get today! The longer you wait the lower the price gets. It’s also time you continue pay the mortgage, taxes and other expenses for the property. Don’t wait thinking a better offer will come; the best offers are usually made when priced at your agent’s recommended price and when the property first hits the market. So strike when the iron is hot!

    3. Focus On The Future

    Concerning yourself with where the market was last year or six month ago is not going to help sell your house today. Your house is not contending with houses that sold in your neighborhood months ago; it’s contending with other houses around town. Your local real estate agent should be able to walk you through the market data and can assist you in identifying a successful price point for your home.

    4. Buy Intelligently

    It’s important to remember that selling your house at a lower price doesn’t mean you lost money. Though you may sell your home for less the loss can be made up by significant savings on the purchase of your new home. This can happen when the asking price of the future home has been decreased or when the appraisal comes back higher than the asking price.

    Let us help you set up your strategy today!

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